My Story

My Story is a Project of Awake News powered by AM Network. It seeks to provide the platform for people to tell their life stories in the sole bid of impacting positively readers and society while getting rewarded financially by AMN for sharing those experiences.


Life Challenges: This category is to tell the world how life presented with challenges and how you were able to overcome those challenges. Share with the world what you went through or you are going through and the practical steps you have taken or taking to overcome those challenges.

Tell this story having in mind to inspire, give hope, and provide some solution tips to anyone who will read. In this category, you are by readers by voting on how the story is likely to impact their lives.


Rating: The story should get at least a 60% positive impact rating by Readers

View on the story: Minimum of 10,000 views within a month


Need to Survive: This category provides you with the opportunity to tell the work the challenges you are currently going through for which you need some supports to get your life back on track. In this category, the opportunity is given to the public to donate to support you regain your life. Areas of focus include education, health, business, social issues.


  1. The story you are sharing must be your ordinary story.
  2. In the case that you are telling someone’s story. It must be indicated and you must show proof that you have the person’s consent to share the story.
  3. The story should be exclusively given to Awake News
  4. No fiction or created story
  5. You should be able to give your consent to Awake News to verified and publish the story

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