About Us

The Awake News is a registered pan-African newspaper published by Awake Media Network which seeks to promote the positive image of Africa and member nations. It also seeks to expose all elements which work directly and indirectly to prevent the development of Africa.

Our Motto: Energizing Your Story.

Our Colors: Red, Yellow & White


Awake News shall promote Investigative, Business, Political and Developmental journalism to ensure probity, accountability, peace & security and National reconciliation.

It shall pursue truth accountability, behavioral change in the citizenry especially public servants, politician and business class to protect national interest most especially the public purse.

Awake News, shall assist up and coming business owners including petty traders to market their products on a level playing field in form of adverts at a reduced rate.

It shall promote local peace activist, artists, sportsmen and women to gain recognition for their creative pursuits in form of publicity.

The paper shall also promote Human Rights and critical political reports.


Awake News shall be the most renowned pan-African newspaper to complement efforts toward a total peace and development of Africa. It shall focus on investigative, developmental, Political and Human Rights issues in Africa, excavating the ‘rots’ in society by providing objective information to the public in collaboration with both local and international Media setups and to promote the good works of individuals and organizations

It shall feature issues as they stand since the truth stands the endurance of time.

Awake News shall speak for the disadvantaged in society by highlighting on issues affecting them so they receive attention from government and non-governmental organizations.

We shall also focus on development agenda of governments in form of publicity on programmes and policies.

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