The man Citizen Lawrence Roland ARTHURLawrence Roland Arthur

The man Citizen Lawrence Roland ARTHUR

Today, on our personality profile, Awake News caught up with Lawrence. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Kings University College an affiliate of Cape Coast University and two Diploma certificates in Marketing and ICT

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Lawrence Roland ARTHUR is a selfless, dedicated, simple and passionate Minister of the Gospel, Entrepreneur, Politician, Communication Strategist and a philanthropist. He has had several years of working experience in the Public and Private Sectors of Ghana.

He holds a degree in Business Administration from Kings University College an affiliate of Cape Coast University and two Diploma certificates in Marketing and ICT.

He has held several leadership positions right from his school days through Church and into Politics. He has excelled in his endeavours as a leader in many portfolios bringing improvement at the Institutions he has served by confronting challenges thereof head-on and taking steps to solve them.

He has also served as a leader in/on many Youth Groups, Civil Society Organisations and various Committees. His life has mainly revolved around mediating between public and organisations which makes him a good lobbyist and an advocator of good practices that favours the general public and the Institution mutually. He always sought to work for the people caring about their daily needs and how to bring Short – Medium – Long term Solutions to solving those needs which won him the accolade “People Minded”.

Quotes like: “Service to Humanity is the best work of life”, ” the Lord shall fight for you”, “People Matter”, “If it must be done, it must be done well”, “Doing right to all manner of persons” amongst many others keeps him going and doing the things he does for societies and his country at large.

His rise to political fame started at a rather very tender age where he mounted a campaign platform of his late uncle Samuel Ofori Portuphy to state reasons why he should be voted for as Assemblymember of the then Dangme East District in the Greater Accra Region. He rose to become Weija-Gbawe Constituency’s Deputy Propaganda Secretary (unopposed) and now the substantive Communication Officer of the Constituency amidst fierce contest from two other opponents.

GBC24, Rejoyce TV, Homebase TV, Radio XYZ, ect are his most frequent media houses as a member of his party’s National Communications Team. He appears on several political talk shows being apologetic of his political party’s ideas and other national issues of concern.

He is affectionately called Lawyer by all probably because of his public and private defence of the vulnerable in society. He is also a Human Rights, Women, Children and Physically Challenged People’s advocate and hopes to become a Practicing Lawyer soon.

His accompaniments cannot be numbered from Ministry, Youth Activism, Field of work etc, however, noted amongst all are that of those in Politics. Bringing vibrancy into the portfolios he holds in his party, Winning overwhelming votes for the NDC’s National Communication Officer Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi, Chief Hamilton Biney, Deputy National Organiser, Edem Agbana, Deputy National Youth Organiser, Maame Efua Aidoo Deputy National Women Organiser and being pivotal role in the campaign of their General Secretary, Hon. Johnson Aseidu Nketia’s campaign. His roles with Hon. Gad Ackweh in the campaign that Elected their immediate past National Chairmen Sir. Dr. Kofi Portuphy cannot also be forgotten.

Though on paper as Deputy Communications Director for Team Sammy Gyamfi and Operations for Chief Biney’s campaigns, many party folks saw him as the mastermind of that overwhelming victories in the NDC’s 9th National Delegate Conference at La Trade Fair in 2018.

Born to madam Rejoice K. Akoto and a lone son to his father in 1988, January 21st Lawrence Roland ARTHUR seeks to be a Law Maker, The Youngest Envoy to represent his country abroad, The Next UN Secretary General from Ghana and or probably occupy the Highest Office of the land someday. He is not married and has no children but is full of Hope for the ordinary people and is very patriotic which also earned him the prefix: Citizen.

He uses Citizen Nana Yaw Arthur on Facebook | Tibo155 on Instagram | @wildoutghLawyer on Twitter