Bagbin writes: Desperate Gov’t In Desperate Time; 2020 Our Year Of Freedom

Bagbin writes: Desperate Gov’t In Desperate Time; 2020 Our Year Of Freedom

There is an African saying that "The Monkey and the Gorilla may claim Oneness but the Monkey is a Monkey and Gorilla... Gorilla. This is to say that i

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There is an African saying that “The Monkey and the Gorilla may claim Oneness but the Monkey is a Monkey and Gorilla… Gorilla. This is to say that if there was anyone who doubted the claim in the past that President Akuffo Addo is anti free speech, a tyrant vindictive and above all wicked should by now revise his/ her notes.

My heart aches if l hear people that are particularly disappointed in the substandard, inept, family and friends and corrupt NPP government seeks to compare the erswhile NDC administration under the humble and well respected John Dramani Mahama to the NPP administration. NPP and NDC can never be the same and the records are there to show ranging from good governance, security, education, economy, media freedom etc.

The media is quite today and I can understand their silence because nobody wants to be killed. Under the past NDC government journalists spoke their minds and walked freely without any sort of intimidation but today media freedom is under siege. Journalists can no longer criticize the NPP government because you either get killed like Ahmed Suale of Tiger Eye Fame or go on exile like Manasseh Azure Awuni of Multimedia and Edward Adeti of EIB Group yet people want us to believe that Ghana is safe under the so called human rights lawyer.

The Akuffo-Addo Bawumia led administration knowing very well that they have failed the good people of Ghana woefully and will account to the electorates in the 2020 elections have sought to employ gorilla tactics to silent dissenting views. The intimidation of the national Chairman of the NDC Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, The harassment of some journalists by Nana Addo’s spiritual father Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah and the recent closure of Radio XYZ are clear cut examples of the intimidations.

It will recall that three days ago some officials of the National Identification Authority (N.I.A) in collusion with some officials of the NPP were caught registering NPP members in the night in certain parts of Accra that was reported by Radio XYZ which explains the reason why Radio XYZ in addition to Radio Gold has been closed down this afternoon.

My question this afternoon to all discerning Ghanaians is that in the light of all these happenings in Ghana today can we say that Akuffo Addo understands and believes in Democracy?.. certainly NO. Akuffo Addo has no idea what Democracy means. If Akuffo really understands Democracy and its tenets he would not superintend over the gross disregard for the fundamental human rights and freedoms of the ordinary Ghanaian and political opponents.

The actions and inactions of the President and his surrogates can only be described as desperation to hold on to power by rough tactics with the support of the security agencies especially the Ghana Police Service with the help of the CID Boss COP Maame Tiwaa Addo Danquah and the Electoral Commission with the help of Jean Mensah and Bossman Asare who are shamelessly clothed in NPP Colours and pretending to be performing national duties.

The once vociferous and vibrant Civil society Organizations and their leadership as well as the academia today are all victims of death threats so they are silent. The Akuffo-Addo yesterday is the same as Akuffo Addo today…he never changes.

Fellow Ghanaian let’s wake up and fight for our freedoms, let’s fight for our fundamental human rights from being trampled upon by this tyrant notwithstanding the fact that more of these harassments and intimidations will come as we head towards the 2020 Elections where we all have a choice to regain our freedoms.

Freedom is coming tomorrow 3x

Long live Ghana
Long live Democracy
Long live Free Speech.

…… Signed…..
Bagbin Mpondan
Deputy CYO
Kintampo South